Monday, January 18, 2010


Born in January

Ambitious and powerful. Born leader. Stubborn nature. You always stand out in the crowd. You love to live the good life. Romantic at heart. Deep thinker. Loyal to friends. Ever ready to learn and try out new things. Serious about life. Like to make others happy. Not too introvert, not too extrovert. Smart and well dressed.

young and stupid.
my wishlists :

1. kereta

2. motor

3. kereta

4. motor

5. kereta

ok sume2 buleh lah mengucapkan

" semuga qill dpt kereta dr bapak die "

sebanyak 40 kali sehari.

perasaan skg sgt excited spt sudeh confirm dpt kereta. haha...

da tgk cite carrier. tak best! humph!