Sunday, April 5, 2009

shopaholic - help needed (rehab?)

ok now im really desperate. need to story2 to yall cz ive plenty of time for this.hehe.

i wont exactly call myself a shopaholic.seriously im not. come on, im not miss can-buy-it-all. but every inch of my heart wants to buy something by the end of every month. but then when i come home (not home actually, hostel. hehe) and see those things i'd feel really regret. ARGGHH!!!

have u all face the same here? i need some tips. please. whatever tips a. aiyo. its really driving me insane.

u know what, now i dont have any money to buy food neither for the date. wuwu. it is really hard to live without any piece of money in my purse. there's just an ic, bank card and my matrix card. how am i going to buy something to eat with those useless (at this moment), lightly, wicked things.

wait a minute! my bank card! i can withdraw, rite? i just need to walk few steps to the bank Islam atm... STOP! ting ting. i already spend all my ptptn. my other bank too. huhuhu.

now i just waiting for my parents to drop by and give me some money. hehehe.