Wednesday, April 8, 2009

paris's bff

i jz watched Paris Hilton's tv reality show, called "my new bff". well bff stands 4 best friend forever. (urban dictionary yo! he). i nvr heard or even watch it b4. but i did watch it, out of the sudden. hehe. well, the show is bout Paris searching her new 'bitch', dat she called bff. first thought. "i wanna be her bff too. uuu" (LAME! haha). they got blackberry (the blink2 one, glittery, i dun know where it came from.he. luckily it's not pink. but who cares?! it's from Paris!!), live in the mansion called The Dollhouse and live like a celebrity (cz now they r public figure, flashes all around. he) so much like a dream come true. but i cant stand the way they playing it.

ok. stop da blabla session. this show is kinda gud though where we can see attitudes. there's some challenges for the participants. what makes me want to wrote bout it cz of one of it challenges. it's really not make sense. i jz watched the 'make-over' challenge. Paris will give the opinion 2 em to change their look. its not opinion actually, it's more 2 orders. hehe. but some of em dont mant 2 make any change for their looks. but then Paris said they are not trusting her. then one of em wz eliminated. see! dz what i jz said, i really hate the way they plying it. no no no! it's jz ain't me. huh!

wait! it's not the way friendship supposed 2 be. fren can gv an opinion but it's not necessary to follow em rite? it's more like Paris tried 2 manipulate em, to be like her in front of da camera. is it so hard 2 fine a bff in real life? y does it hv to be a reality show? it's fun cz it's lots of dramass. haha. but still this show is just a platform for Paris to promote herself and all her lines of products. hehe.

we can see they are all fake. like they would really be her best friend for the real meaning of it. it's hilarious when they tried 2 impress Paris. i dont see any genuine from dat. oh! come on! it's competition rite? back 2 business. hehe. i do admire Paris. seriously! she jz a inspirational, determination and know what she wants. substract all da bad things bout her, she jz a human though.
for all this, I LOVE YOU PARIS!!! and dont forget, her Tinkerbell. haha

and "THAT'S HOT" ;p