Thursday, June 18, 2009

cool advices 4 gals.

"undying devotion..."

Allow your heart and mind to feel and experience these things for/with him:

  1. To melt by just looking in his eyes, To let your heart dance to the sound of his laugh,
  2. To hold his hand and never take for granted how it feels when he holds you with both,
  3. To take the chance of being wounded because you will not give him up freely,
  4. To have him consume your every dream, your every thought, your every waking moment,
  5. To let him know just how incomplete you would be without him, and how wonderful he is by just being who he is,
  6. To never let anything he accomplishes or achieves ever go unnoticed,
  7. To tell him you love him even more than you did the day before,
  8. To let your shoulder be his support when he has a bad day,
  9. To learn that sometimes you have to sacrifice your happiness in return for his,
  10. To never make him choose between his friends AND you,
  11. To take his breath away at least once a day by doing something unexpected,
  12. To always apologize when you're the one in the wrong,
  13. To miss him just as much when he's not in the same room with you as you would if he were gone for a few months,
  14. To always shower him with nice compliments,
  15. To let him captivate you by his own views and opinions,

To ALWAYS love him with all you have, with all you are and everything you become.